LNE Group has a strong track record in supporting businesses in R&D and innovation grants pursuit with consulting and grant writing services. Our European practice supports clients in various European public funding instruments, such as Horizon 2020, including the SME Instrument, and the major funding schemes in Europe’s domestic markets with a focus on Germany and the UK.

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How can your business benefit from government R&D grants?

Watch this short video (2m19sec) to find out how LNE helps technology companies optimise their engagement with such financial instruments and connect the pursuit of grant funding with their corporate growth strategy.

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Government Relations
& Public Affairs

We understand how governments operate. We work closely with our clients in the U.S. and in Europe to set achievable goals and develop creative strategies to accomplish them.

Innovation Strategy
& Funding Pursuit

We support client innovation by crafting the right story to secure public funding, connect to experienced value chain partners, and attract target customers.

We advance, protect, and promote client interests with a unique portfolio of strategic advisory solutions. We focus on our clients’ most important issues and opportunities.