A global supplier to the aerospace industry hired LNE Group to identify funding opportunities on both sides of the Atlantic for an innovative on-board fuel cell technology.


LNE Group’s transatlantic Innovation Strategy & Funding Pursuit practice offers clients the ability to “shop” their projects to funding agencies on both continents and maximize their chances of securing funding.

LNE Group innovation funding experts presented the client’s fuel cell development project to both U.S. and European government agencies. LNE Group crafted messaging to align the project with the priorities of targeted government agencies and attended meetings with government officials. LNE Group identified a German Federal Program aligned with the client’s innovation objectives. The client engaged LNE Group to develop the proposal and manage consortium communications.


The project was approved by the German Ministry for €1.5 in funding. With this funding, the client established operations in close proximity to their customer – one of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers. The project was successfully completed and the client has initiated follow-on joint development projects with this strategic customer.

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