A European-based coatings and materials company with more than €15 billion in annual revenue had historically viewed public funding as a way to reduce corporate R&D expenditures. The company also lacked the internal resources to pursue government funding because its engineering teams were focused on product development and not funding pursuit.

The company resolved to: (1) broaden its view of public funding from being seen as a cost-cutting measure to become a strategic pathway to new customers and markets; and (2) acquire expert funding pursuit resources to develop proposals. The company turned to LNE Group to solve the foregoing challenges.


LNE Group developed and implemented a public funding strategy focused on identifying promising European Union and national consortia where the company could add value to the project and realize commercial benefits. LNE Group identified two such project consortia and worked to ensure project success. LNE Group drafted the company’s portions of the consortia projects, along with proposals submitted directly by the company for public funding.


A consortia project focusing on marine coatings was selected by the European Union for a grant award. LNE Group’s approach to focus on more strategic funding programs and outsource proposal development work has allowed the company to promote projects with greater long-term company benefits (new customers, markets, and sales).

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