Our innovation team’s mission is to help clients achieve their technology development, demonstration, and commercialization goals. An LNE Group core competency is securing public funding at all levels of government in the U.S. and Europe to support client technology innovation.

Successful innovation requires a great idea, thoughtful planning, and the ability to convince stakeholders to take action.  We craft the right messaging to galvanize stakeholder support.

LNE Group advances client innovation initiatives by:

  • Match-making with select value chain partners to bridge the innovation gap and create mutually beneficial, collaborative relationships
  • Scoping projects to minimize risk and maximize the chances of achieving successful commercial outcomes
  • Identifying and qualifying funding programs that align with client objectives
  • Engaging agency program managers to promote client technology interests and identify opportunities
  • Providing grant writing services for competitively bid funding
  • Managing and administering the funding post-award

Learn more about how LNE Group helps its clients to successfully engage with grant funding instruments via its Fit-for-Funding methodology in this short video.

Innovation Strategy & Funding Pursuit services:

Open Innovation & Strategic Partnerships

Public Funding Identification

Innovation Strategy & Design

Funding Agency Engagement & Alignment

Proposal Development & Grant Writing

Award Management & Administration

Funding secured for client projects in the United States and Europe

$ 500 Mio

450 Mio

£ 380 Mio


Government Relations
& Public Affairs

We understand how governments operate. We work closely with our clients in the U.S. and in Europe to set achievable goals and develop creative strategies to accomplish them.

Innovation Strategy
& Funding Pursuit

We support client innovation by crafting the right story to secure public funding, connect to experienced value chain partners, and attract target customers.

We advance, protect, and promote client interests with a unique portfolio of strategic advisory solutions. We focus on our clients’ most important issues and opportunities.