A formerly upscale housing subdivision in a suburban community had fallen on hard times.  A group of developers proposed an ambitious $150 million redevelopment of the subdivision into a mixed use residential and retail center, featuring high-end brands and upscale multi-family housing.

To undertake the project, the developers had to pass a zoning change in the community at-large and within the election precinct where the project was proposed.  Passing zoning changes has become difficult because of voter opposition to developments and changes to their communities.  To complicate matters, the developers needed $60 million in local government funding support for the project.  The developers turned to LNE Group to manage both the zoning campaign and the efforts to secure the local funding.


Within the realm of campaign management, an excellent reputation and track record is not only important, it is mandatory.  Using its coalition building methodology, its knowledge of the local community, and its ability to create succinct and winning messaging, LNE Group developed the strategy and led the campaign.

LNE Group was responsible for all campaign communication and outreach activities.  LNE Group managed intensive voter outreach activities, including knocking on all the doors in the community at-large (once) and the precinct in question (three times).  LNE Group campaigned against organized opposition, including a former mayor and a current council member.  LNE Group also advised on financing structures and managed efforts to secure funding.


LNE Group passed the zoning change by a majority community-wide and in the precinct where the project was proposed by nearly 60 percent to 40 percent.  After winning the campaign, LNE Group built a coalition of local citizens to convince the community and the school board to support the project with $60 million in funding. Project construction is underway, with an expected opening date in 2017.

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