The City of Hamilton, Ohio had an unfunded infrastructure improvement project on its books for more than 100 years. The project, known as “South Hamilton Crossings”, would build an overpass to improve traffic safety, facilitate community connectivity and mobility, and encourage economic development opportunities. Over several decades, numerous efforts failed to make the vision a reality because of lack of funding and changing priorities. The city tried repeatedly to secure government infrastructure funding but had failed. The city engaged LNE Group to develop the overall strategy and the coalition of interested parties required to secure project funding.


Using its resources throughout the state, LNE Group went to work for the city. LNE Group designed the project messaging and coordinated a strategic advocacy plan in partnership with the city and other local government and non-profit organizations.

To be successful, LNE Group had to show broad support for the Hamilton Crossings project, including from organizations outside the city. LNE Group gained the support of an infrastructure association covering three Midwestern states. LNE Group worked directly with Ohio Department of Transportation leadership and the nine-member Transportation Review Advisory Council to advocate for the project’s selection. LNE Group also supported the development of the application submitted by the city and its engineers.


Despite a fiercely competitive round of funding, the coalition and supporting arguments developed by LNE Group resulted in a $10 million grant from the Transportation Review Advisory Committee of the Ohio Department of Transportation. After more than a century, the City of Hamilton will realize its dream of an interconnected community.

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