A large Thailand energy company desired to enter the U.S. market to construct a $5 billion petrochemical complex, commonly called an ethane “cracker”. Ethane is a by-product of the hydro-fracking process. The company sought to locate the plant in Ohio but was having trouble connecting to Ohio government officials to make its pitch. Because LNE Group already represented a sister company, the Thai company engaged LNE Group to connect it to State of Ohio government officials; secure public funding support; and help negotiate site selection.


LNE Group has enjoyed a productive relationship with the Ohio Governor’s office through three different administrations, Republican and Democratic. Once engaged by the company, LNE Group went to work developing the government relations strategy to galvanize support from Ohio economic development and executive administration officials. LNE Group quickly scheduled meetings with the Governor, his senior team, and key economic development officials. LNE Group identified incentives for the project; identified and engaged business partners; and developed grassroots support with local officials and property owners at an advantageous site for the project.


The Thai company announced its commitment to the State of Ohio. LNE Group worked diligently to bring this project to the Buckeye State. LNE Group secured a $50 million commitment from Ohio for the project and was directly involved with the negotiations for site selection. A $100 million feasibility study is underway, with construction expected to begin in 2017. The project is expected to create 5,000 construction jobs over four years and 2,000 permanent jobs in an economically-challenged part of Ohio. Once operational, the facility will use natural gas components to create plastics and resins for use in a wide variety of products.

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