In 2010, Congress ended the practice of directed public spending known as “earmarks”. This ban did not end the appetite of organizations to secure funding support for important projects.  LNE Group was engaged by an international association responsible for the promotion of the copper industry to expand federal support for its high priority technology development initiative.  This association sought to improve the conductivity of copper wire by supporting the work of leading university researchers in the field.


LNE Group developed Congressional champions for this initiative by uniting university researchers across the country focused on developing the innovative copper wire. By working through its association client, along with researchers at the grassroots level, LNE Group developed compelling arguments for directed Congressional funding. LNE Group worked closely with Congressional appropriators to support directed funding through dedicated language in the federal budget.


LNE Group was successful in securing directed Congressional funding for copper wire development in the federal budgets for fiscal years 2014, 2015, and 2016, amounting to more than $2 million in support. This funding has been administered by the Department of Energy to: (1) competitively award grants to the most promising projects; and (2) promote collaboration and shared results among researchers, furthering the objectives of LNE Group’s association client. Moving forward, LNE Group has brokered relationships with federal agencies interested in end-use applications for this highly conductive copper wire.

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