Case Western Reserve University is one of the leading engineering universities in the United States. The Engineering Department at Case wanted to erect three wind turbines to create: (1) sustainable power for its campus; and (2) demonstration platforms where students could learn to develop innovative components and subsystems to make wind power less expensive and more prevalent throughout the country.

The project required a public investment of $3 million to match Case’s own private investment, as well as a vested project team consisting of state-based businesses to provide a pipeline of collaborative innovation projects. Case turned to LNE Group to identify funding, build the project team, and draft the proposal for State of Ohio funding.


Deploying its experienced grant writing team, LNE Group identified and qualified a funding program and built a project team consisting of more than a dozen companies (Fortune 500 and private companies) for the project. While this program had a relatively low acceptance rate (funding <10% of the proposals received), LNE Group had a strong track record of success with the funding agency. Working closely with the team, LNE Group wrote a proposal for $3 million in public funding support.


The proposal submitted by LNE Group for Case and its partners was awarded $3 million in state funding. Using this funding, Case and its partners erected three wind turbines, generating clean power for the Case campus and a partner manufacturing company. Equally as importantly, the project created three demonstration platforms for Case students interested in engineering jobs in the renewable energy industry.

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