The Italian government recently launched a new incentive scheme to further innovation and competiveness among small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The so-called Nuova Sabatini supports SMEs in procuring new hardware (machineries, tools, etc.) and software resources.

Nuova Sabatini presents an excellent opportunity for Italian SMEs to keep pace with the demands of the international market. The timining of the new instrument is apt as many Italian SMEs currently find themslces reorganising and restructuring their own affairs. Nuova Sabatini can support this internal process, by off-setting some of the costs incurred.

The Nuova Sabatini incentives consist of:

  • Loans between €20.000 and €2 Million;
  • Incentives to cover part of the interests related to the loans
    (for a total of €190 Million between 2014 and 2021); and
  • Loan guarnatees up to the 80% of the total loan.

To apply for a Nuova Sabatini incentive, SMEs must take up contact with intermediary banks. These banks will be responsible for processing the application. If the SME request is accepted, the bank will then take care of forwarding the application to the Ministry of Economic Development for final approval.

The time to grant is expected to be around 30 days, following the approval of the Ministry.