Horizon 2020 has ambitious goals. The 2014-2020 Framework Program for EU government funding has a €70 billion budget to support research and innovation in an effort to secure the EU’s position as a global competitor, investing in key technologies and addressing major societal challenges that face not just Europe but the entire world.

LNE Group too has ambitious goals. That’s why Jason Smith, Vice President and Director of LNE Group’s US Grants and Incentives Practice, Stephane-Bertin Hoffman, Regional Manager for France in LNE Group’s International Funding practice, and Manuel Lianos, Director of LNE Group Europe attended the Central European Days for the EU Research Horizon 2020 Program conference this week. While in attendance, LNE Group’s representatives learned from member-nation government dignitaries, business leaders, and representatives of academia alike about the ways in which Horizon 2020 will affect such fields as research and scientific innovation in Europe.

Representatives of LNE Group are preparing themselves for the impending changes that Horizon 2020 will bring to the world of European public funding in order to best support our clients within the EU and around the world. Attending conferences like this one is only one of the many ways that LNE Group demonstrates its commitment to bringing only the very best in government grants and incentives services to those whom we serve.

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