When the words “team building exercise” are spoken, many want to run for the nearest exit with thoughts of trust falls and awkward group discussions where you learn too much information about your co-workers.  Team building is well intentioned, however its execution is what gives it such a bad reputation.

At LNE Group, we do things differently. Members of LNE Group’s transatlantic Government Funding team joined forces today to engage in a teambuilding exercise at a shooting range in Lake County, Ohio.

A trip to a shooting range teaches valuable lessons. Many in the team had never fired a gun in their lives, making us vulnerable in front of each other in a positive and appropriate way. When you bring people into a situation they have never experienced you expose vulnerabilities that are not evident when these people are in their comfort zones (e.g., counseling clients, working in the office, etc.). You also see strengths where you might not have expected to see them.

Creating value for our clients demands an environment that nurtures risk taking. Firing a gun is inherently risky, especially if you have never done it before. The ability to step out of our comfort zone and take risks is something we value from the people with whom we work. The LNE Group team has a fondness for learning and sharing knowledge. This spirit carried over during our time at the shooting range with LNE Group’s more experienced marksmen providing a tutorial on proper firearm etiquette. Today’s teambuilding exercise demonstrated that many invaluable characteristics exist within the Government Funding team and we are a stronger team for having experienced it.

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