At the height of the buzz of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, LNE Group’s founder and president, Lee Weingart (pictured below), provided his political perspective to local and international guests at a recent TEDxSalon event at Cleveland State University on July 20, 2016.

Lee Weingart TEDxClevelandStateUniversity
LNE Group’s Lee Weingart, delivering a TEDx talk, “The Rise of Hyper-Partisanship, Social Polarization and Dysfunctional 21st Century Democracy.”

TEDxSalon events are unique gatherings based on the popular TED Talk format, but are more intimate and emphasize discussion and the sharing of ideas.

CSU’s inaugural TEDxSalon, titled 21st Century Democracy, featured a distinguished panel of political experts and operatives discussing topics like voter engagement, the future of presidential elections, and why the 2016 election is a game changer.

Lee’s presentation, “The Rise of Hyper-Partisanship, Social Polarization and Dysfunctional 21st Century Democracy” outlined major partisan changes in America’s political parties and how we interact with our fellow citizens on a daily basis.

He noted today’s lack of Congressional action absent a national emergency, and he lamented the effective disenfranchisement of most American voters due to uncompetitive elections where they live. His message well-received, he and his fellow panelists answered a wide range of audience questions and engaged in a lively discussion on how to restore American democracy in the 21st Century.

The TEDxSalon panel was facilitated by Edward Horowitz, Associate Professor of Communication at Cleveland State University and an expert in political communication and socialization. Participants for the event included Richard Perloff, Professor of Communication and Political Science at CSU and author of The Dynamics of Political Communication: Media and Politics in a Digital Age, Lee Weingart, Founder and President of LNE Group and former Cuyahoga County Commissioner, Sharon Broussard, Chief Editorial Writer for and The Plain Dealer, and Lee Fisher, President of CEOs for Cities and former Lieutenant Governor of Ohio.

To view the full event or find out more, visit the Cleveland State University TEDxSalon website.