The 2017 calls for proposals under Horizon 2020, the European Commission’s € 80 billion research and innovation programme, were officially released on 25-July 2016.  After months of negotiation with EU Member States, the European Commission officially confirmed the budget and scope of the 2017 topics.

With submission deadlines throughout 2017, the calls are characterized by a holistic approach, addressing the advancement of innovative technologies, but also cross-cutting issues.  Examples include grant funding support for advancing key enabling technologies such as ICT, biotechnology or nanotechnology, but also addressing societal challenges such as „Secure, clean and efficient energy“, „Health, demographic change and well-being“ or „Smart, green and integrated transport“.  Emerging challenges faced by European societies, such as mass migration or fight against crime and terrorism, are also addressed.

Comprising over €8.5 billion in funding support, these 2017 calls address the policy priorities of the EU.  A new boost for jobs, growth and investment remains the underlying rationale of the 2017 calls, with the majority being oriented towards close-to-market research and commercialization of research results to boost the EU economy.  The calls are open to industry, small and medium sized enterprises, universities and research institutes.

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