An Ohio non-profit community solutions organization offers a unique blend of behavioral health treatment services, skill building programs and prevention opportunities for children and families.  The organization sought to create a workforce development and training pilot program to demonstrate the effectiveness of an innovative approach.  The approach was to be based upon the lessons learned and best practices of prior client programs to deliver these services to job seekers facing the barriers of poverty.

The organization engaged LNE Group to secure funding support to implement the program.  LNE Group’s primary charge was to pass legislative language and secure an appropriation for the proposed program as part of the state budget.


LNE Group has been representing companies and non-profit organizations in Columbus, Ohio since 2002.  Nearly all of them include the development of a comprehensive legislative strategy to advance their interests.

For this engagement, LNE Group worked with client’s internal program experts to design a policy and appropriations white paper proposal.  LNE Group then introduced the proposal to key House and Senate Members of both parties and the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation.  LNE Group identified legislative champions and partner organizations to support the effort as an amendment to the legislative budget.


The General Assembly passed a budget bill that included the amendment and $8 million of funding for implementation of the workforce development and training pilot program.  LNE Group demonstrated its ability to advocate within a tight state budget process to secure appropriations funding.

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