An easy-to-digest timeline of how the Horizon Europe adoption process may unfold between now and 2021, put together by the LNE Group Public Affairs team.

Last week the EU Executive presented its initial budget recommendation for the next research framework programme. The new programme, which is to be titled “Horizon Europe”, will succeed the current research programme, “Horizon 2020”, and cover the period January 2021 to December 2027.

The Executive’s recommendation is to be fleshed out in the coming weeks with additional documentation. Thereafter it will be scrutinised by European law makers over a period of 12-18 months, a process which may see the Executive’s proposal change drastically.

To prepare for the forthcoming political tussles that will ultimately decide the direction of the future European R&D grant programme, the LNE Group Public Affairs team has compiled an easy-to-digest timeline depicting what the adoption process may look like.*

02 May 2018

In early May, the European Commission (“EC”) released a communication outlining the main elements of a long-term budget proposal covering the period 2021-2027. Within the communication, the EC proposed earmarking a budget for the next EU research framework programme worth €98bn over 7 years – the largest to date. It also confirms that the next research framework programme will be called “Horizon Europe”.

in May 2018

A detailed proposal for establishing the Horizon Europe programme is initially prepared by EC’s Directorate for Research, before being circulated among other Directorates for feedback in a process known as “Inter-Service Consultation”. A final consolidated text will be reviewed and agreed upon by the EU Commissioners in late May 2018.

in June 2018

The final proposal will be sent to the European Parliament (“EP”) and European Council (i.e. the EU Member States) for adoption via the “Ordinary Legislative Procedure”. The proposal will be included within a wider budget proposal submitted by to the EC to the EP and Council in mid-June 2018.

July 2018 – April 2019

The EP and Council will review and amend the EC proposal between June 2018 and May 2019. In this period there are 5 Council meetings tabled, and 4 EP Plenary sessions. 

May 2019

The EC strives to have secured agreement before 09 May 2019 – i.e. before EP elections due later this month. Should agreement not be reached before the elections, adoption of the proposal risks being delayed because the make-up of the next EP may have changed, and political interests may have shifted.

Q4 2019

Once EP and Council agreement is secured the legislation for establishing the Horizon Europe programme can enter into law. This is likely to occur in late 2019. Important to note, the final text adopted may vary greatly from the EC’s initial proposal.

Q1 – Q3 2020

The official adoption of Horizon Europe means work to define more granular elements of the research programme can get underway in earnest, including work to define concrete technology/innovation goals and funding calls for achieving them. This work is mainly led by DG Research in close partnerships with industry and research stakeholders.

Q4 2020

The first round of Horizon Europe funding calls is likely to be published in mid-to-late 2020. In the same period, the EC and national funding agencies will host information days presenting the new calls and how applicants can apply.

January 2021

Horizon Europe is officially launched!

*Note: The timeline above presents a “best-case” scenario and is subject to change as the adoption process unfolds. Interested parties are encouraged to check our site regularly for updates. 

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