A German Mittelstand (SME) company with expertise in glass desired to develop and market concentrated solar power (CSP) mirrors in the United States. The company needed to build a new production facility in the United States and chose a site in the Midwest. As a mid-sized company, management required public funding support of $10 million to make the investment.  Because of LNE Group’s transatlantic presence in Berlin and Washington and its expertise combining federal government relations and public funding pursuit, the company selected LNE Group for the project.


LNE Group approached the project in two phases. First, LNE Group reviewed all possible federal funding programs and identified the best ones to pursue. Working with Members of Congress, LNE Group built political support for the project. Second, LNE Group deployed its grant writing team to develop and submit a proposal to the funding agency. Combining the political support its federal government relations team developed with the compelling proposal developed by its grant writing team, LNE Group knew its client had a good chance for success.


The proposal developed and submitted by LNE Group on behalf of the client was selected for $10 million in federal funding. This funding enabled the client to complete the construction of its new CSP mirror production facility.

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